Kirsch Group is proud to partner with the following products and service providers to bring the latest technology and security solutions to our clients.

Certn delivers fast, friendly, and comprehensive background screening solutions that help businesses make fact-based hiring decisions, lower hiring costs, and improve the user experience for applicants and recruiters alike.

Kirsch Group is very excited to partner with Canadian global background check provider Certn to help companies build, incorporate, and automate background checks into their HR processes as a part of their physical and information security program.

With Certn’s all-in-one platform conducing background checks that meet your requirements has never been easier.

  • Meet your regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Protect against the threat of criminality, cyber risk, insider threats and reputations damage.
  • Less administration with a seamless employer-candidate employment screening experience
  • Get preferred pricing

If background checks are a requirement of a position, why ask the candidates to do it alone – losing control of the process, visibility of the outcome and potentially good employees along the way?

To get a free demo or learn more about Certn, you can reach out to them directly and receive preferred pricing through our referral link

Kirsch Group offers enhanced background checks, due diligence and investigation services where additional access or vetting is required.

Kirsch Group is an official partner of Certn.

nord vpn
Mass surveillance is all around us and cybercriminals are targeting us online. To against advertisers or ISPs spying on your surfing behavior use NordVPN. Take the first steps to protecting your IP address and digital life with a VPN. 
nord vpn

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)’s are an important cyber security tool for those who want to stay private and secure online. Many applications we use or website we visit track our activity. Mostly we are tracked to collect and sell our browsing data or to use it to try to target us with ads. Sometimes it can be for more nefarious purposes like hacking our devices and gaining access to our accounts.

A VPN provides you a secure and encrypted tunnel for your online traffic to flow to restrict this access to your data. This is especially important if you’re using public wifi, if want to keep your browsing history private or are accessing personal or sensitive files. It is also extremely useful if you’re travelling out of the country and want to get access to your (or your kids) home Netflix library.

There are many VPN providers but this is the one that I use and am proud to represent as an affiliate.

Visit their site to see if it’s right for you.