Threat Risk And Vulnerability Assessments

Kirsch Group understands modern threats and risks. Our multi-disciplinary team of experienced and industry certified practitioners offer Assessments, Audits and Security Surveys to assess, evaluate and optimize new or existing physical security programs for a wide range of industries.

We have provided audits for government, commercial, financial services and private clients. We are confident we can satisfy your requirements to provide an objective view of your current security program with recommendations that will enhance the facility’s overall security posture.


At the conclusion of the engagement our clients receive a report that can be reviewed internally and/or shared externally to satisfy their security program requirements. The benefits of conducting a Physical Security Threat Risk Assessment includes:

  • Better risk management: Understand your site’s vulnerabilities on the expertise of a trusted third-party reviewer.
  • Find efficiencies and more effective security through optimizing existing security systems, people, and processes.
  • Make informed investment decisions: Use recommendations to prioritize security upgrades and investments.

If you have any questions or need assistance with a Physical Security Threat Risk Assessments (STRA) We are here to help.